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About SimpleGallery

SimpleGallery is an easy to use builder of photo galleries. A gallery is simply a logical grouping of photos. SimpleGallery also allows for multiple users using access codes, where galleries built by a user are managed independently of others.

New for SimpleGallery2.0 is the editing of CSS records, font pickers for all color fields, selectable navigation controls, built in swatches and preview of swatches and font choices.

    The main functions of SimpleGallery are:

    Manage Galleries
    This is the first step in creating and maintaining a gallery. Here you have the ability to create a new gallery and list, delete, and update existing gallery records.
    Manage Photos
    Here you upload photo files and assign them to an existing gallery. Once this step is complete, the images are immediately available for display.
    Manage CSS
    You use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to define the look of each gallery. Each gallery is created with a Master Attributes record that defines the final look of the photo gallery by allowing you to choose and apply background images, swatches, fonts, and colors. Here you also can create, name and edit custom CSS styles and apply them to any gallery.
    Display Galleries
    This last menu allows you to view individual galleries.

To begin managing your galleries

    Enter your access code. The "Demo" code enters the demo galleries:

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